Check out these super cute peasant blouses from Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional. She made them for both of her girls and they are perfect! These are next on my list to make for my girls. My twins are 5 years old and they love ANYTHING fancy, so the tie at the bottom will make them very excited! I’m thinking of making a few different ones for them, but changing up the tie. Some will have a bow on either hip, some will have the tie centered on the front, and I think I will do one with a big fluffy bow on the back! The sky really is the limit with this shirt! This tutorial from Pretty Prudent is my favorite for a basic peasant top.


I’ve always been a fan of elastic necklines because kids HATE putting tight shirts over their heads! This way, everyone is happy! Plus, I find that elastic necklines grow with the kid, so they get more wear out of their clothes. My kids are a bit pickier about tight sleeves, so I will be sure to make the elastic there a bit looser. Or better yet, I might try using up some jersey knit scraps and sewing them along the end of the sleeve cap.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial as much as I do!

If you give it a try, let me know!


Happy sewing!



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