I have ADORED this twisted panel from Shocking Hocking for EVER! It is so cute and makes a plain project seem oh so fancy and professional. It took me a while to find the perfect project to try it out on, but I finally decided to add it to the side panel of a clutch I was in the middle of making. I can honestly say, it was EASIER than I thought it would be. I spent about 10 minutes cutting out the fabric, another 10 minutes ironing it flat and getting everything lined up, and then about 20 minutes sewing it all together. I have had soon many compliments on it!

This tute shows you how to make oneside of a pouch (or a bag, cushion, etc – whatever – the theory can be applied to any project you want to make, you just have to recalculate the sizes) and my side panel is 7″ x 12″ with a twisted panel, incorporating 5 twists, that finishes around 3.5″ square.

What you will need:

  • heavy duty interfacing
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • main fabric (mine is Kona Everglade)
  • scraps of fabric at least 1.5″ wide and 5″ long (these are for the twists)
  • note – use starch on your fabric – it helps when cutting and piecing

I didn’t use starch because, well, I didn’t have any on hand. And when I start a project, I don’t take a break to run to the store…. I just improvise! It worked out fine without it.

I love the fabric used in this tutorial. They really complement each other.


And the finished project is this! Isn’t this amazing?!? I have been horrid fabric to make new pillow cases for my girls’ beds, and I’m definitely going to be adding this to each of them to spice them up! Plus, what a great way to use us those tiny scraps that we all hang onto!

Happy sewing!




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