All About A Silai Machine -

All About A Silai Machine

Stitching clothes was not as easy as it is now. Earlier it was manual work and would take a lot of time and labor to stitch only a single shirt or dress. Usually, housewives used to stitch clothes for their family members. It would take several hours to complete a man’s or women’s dress. After the invention of silai machine, the task of stitching clothes became easy, convenient and less time-consuming.

Initially, common people were not cautious about their clothing but now it is said that your clothes reflect your personality.

What Is A Silai Machine?

Silai machine is a mechanical instrument that sews fabric, leather, and other materials. It is also called a sewing machine. Its mechanism works with thread to stitch cloth pieces to create a dress. The invention of the sewing machine occurred in the era of the first industrial revolution.

All About A Silai Machine
All About A Silai Machine

German engineer Charles Frederick Wiesenin first invented the traditional silai machine in the year 1755. It was a mechanical device with a double-pointed needle that had an eye at one end, but it could not be commercially produced. Later in the year, 1790 Elias Howe invented a new version of the sewing machine.

The modern sewing machine that we see today is the creation of Isaac Singer. The machine created by Isaac Singer was a hand-powered machine. All his sewing machines had a needle that went up and down instead of sideways in and out movement. This was part of what made them easy for home use and mass production.

The singer later created the most basic foot pedal sewing machine which made it even easier. Since then the Singer sewing machine factory is manufacturing sewing machine.

Impact Of The Invention Of Silai Machine:

This invention puts an impact on the clothing industry. The very first impact was that it decreases the labor and manual work of housewives as they were the ones who spend a lot of time sewing clothes manually.

There was a big boom in the clothing industry as the machine improved the efficiency and productivity of this sector. Lesser time consumption and fine work made these machines widely popular among clothing companies.

Sewing clothes was a burdensome work for housewives until the invention of sewing machines. Many large scale factories offered jobs to job-seeking women now they could earn money for their family hence we can say that silai machine became useful in generating employment opportunities.

People started to plant more cotton to match the demand of clothing factories apart from these other industries involved in the process benefited such as metal, furniture, etc.


All About A Silai Machine
All About A Silai Machine

The invention of silai machine bought a big boom in the industry by creating job opportunities for both men and women which also helped them improve economically. It also played a big role in the development of the clothing industry. Hence we can say that sewing machines not only helped in job creation but also helped the economy grow rapidly by providing employment opportunities to people.

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