All the Best Free Sewing Patterns

Free Sewing Pattern

Sewing is one of the hobbies that are thriving nowadays due to the advent of quarantining. Many people have taken up the needle and the thread to stave their boredom. This thing is good because it has been seen as a dying art long ago.

Accordingly, it is also rewarding to take up sewing as a hobby. It can lessen stress and help in meditation which are great in this time of the pandemic. With the stress it brought many, you can simply rest by creating beautiful masterpieces.

Some people might have problems thinking up what to sew, which is why free sewing patterns exist, to give these people templates. We have compiled here some of the best free sewing patterns you can find on the internet.

Best free sewing patterns to try

A close up of a colorful blanket

Basic Bodice

Are you into clothes? Try this easy bodice pattern now. This simple sewing pattern produces a simple bodice top, customized extensively according to the maker’s tastes. You can find its step by step easily on the web.

Flounce Hem Skirt

Of course, we are done with a top so we are going to do a bottom. This next sewing pattern attaches a flared hem or a flounced hem to the skirt’s bottom. The hem turns a simple dress to something far more pronounced. Pair it with the bodice and have a blast.

Butterfly Sleeved Top

This sewing pattern is named due to its sleeves flaring out like a butterfly’s wings. This casual wear is very pleasing to the eye. Try doing it sometime to interchange with your bodice clothes . It is surely nice to look at with your skirt. If you want, you may also pair it with other kinds of skirts. Some of them are also on this list.

Jeans Top

This sewing pattern makes a top that matches one’s jeans. This lovely top is comfortable and can be worn throughout the day.

Puffy Sleeved Top

This free sewing pattern makes a top whose sleeves are puffy. The puffy sleeves turn the top into apparel that can grab someone’s attention.

Dirndl Skirt

This sewing pattern makes a Dirndl skirt, also known as a gathered waist skirt. This stylish skirt, named so due to the fabric gathering at the wearer’s waist, is easily made, needing only a few hems and seams.

Pencil Skirt

This sewing pattern makes a slim-fitting skirt that hugs the wearer’s figure tightly. This skirt is a popular and timeless design.

Aline Skirt

This sewing pattern makes a waist-hugging skirt that flares at its hem. Its style fits wearers who have apple-shaped and pear-shaped bodies.

Shift Dress

This sewing pattern makes a shift dress, one of the most basic types of dresses. The shift dress merely descends from the shoulder, neither tight nor loose on the wearer’s body. The shift dress is easily made, as well.

Long Flared Skirt

This free sewing pattern makes a long skirt with an elastic waist and a flared end. It can be easily made, and its elastic waist makes it fit in many sizes.

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