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Fascinating Facts About Pinking Shears

If you’re a tailor, then you’ve probably used this sewing tools several times. The pinking shears have serrated blades to cut a fabric zigzag to prevent fraying. You must be dying to know who invented this incredible sewing supply. He or she must have been a genius? Right? History has it that the tool was developed in 1931 by a man named Samuel Briskane. The living legend made the invention but waited for three years to get patent for his device.

The big-dollar question right now is, why is the world so in love with the pinking shears. Don’t worry as this blog aims to provide answers as well as not leaving you with more questions. Are you eager for this? Fair enough, let’s get started.

Are There Any Advantages Of The Pinking Shears?

Fascinating Facts About Pinking Shears
Why The World Would Do Anythings, Just To Have The Pinking Shears

It’s been close to a century since the tool was invented. Interestingly, although the man behind the invention is no more, we’ll forever be indebted to him for it. Below are some of the benefits of this breathtaking sewing supply.

  • Gives a beautiful curved design; Fashion designers will agree without any hesitation that creativity and craftiness plays a crucial role in enhancing success. The pinking shears have a saw-toothed blade which enables it to leave a catchy zigzag pattern when used. Unknown to some, the zigzag pattern suits both genders.
  • Enhances the tailor’s accuracy; We’ll all agree that using straight scissors can be problematic at times. It not shocking to see a tailor-cut the fabric wrongly to the annoyance of the customers. The pinking shears are straight as well as give a unique design.

You’ll rarely tell when your tailor messes up while cutting your fabric. Additionally, the scissors allow one to experiment before actually cutting the fabric. This way, you eliminate any room for error.

More Advantages

  • The saw-toothed edges can be sharpened; You don’t have to allow bluntness to slow you down. All you require is a file, to slowly sharpen those edges. Not all scissors can be sharpened owing to the material used to manufacture them. Lucky for you, the file is made with a rigid and long-lasting metallic material, which makes it robust as well as durable. Isn’t tailoring fun? You have the power to determine your rate of production.
  • It can be waxed to minimize its stickiness; Tailoring is one career that is unforgiving on inaccuracy. Should you make an error in cutting the fabric, you’re done! One major cause of these errors in cutting is stickiness. Pinking shears need to be lubricated regularly to prevent the material from sticking on them.


Fascinating Facts About Pinking Shears
Why The World Would Do Anythings, Just To Have The Pinking Shears

In conclusion, if there’s something the world embraces fast, it is an invention that will simplify life. The pinking shears help to increase your speed as well as enhance the quality of your products. Coupled with the availability of these products, customers have every reason to grab the products from any supermarket shelf. There are several brands of these shears in the market right now. Therefore, you must be vigilant when purchasing these sewing tools to avoid being duped by unscrupulous traders. What an invention that was!

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