Non-Woven Fabric Products -

Non-Woven Fabric Products

Non-woven fabric is a pseudo-fabric-like material which isn’t woven or knitted but the fibers of the fabric are attached to each other with the help of heat, chemicals, solvent or mechanical treatment. These fabrics are made of a combination of short as well as continuous fibers.

Non-Woven Fabric Products
Non-Woven Fabric Products

Non-woven fabrics are not a traditional choice for garment making as many of such fabrics are not strong enough by themselves. They might need support in the form of extra layers or backing. These are generally made of oil based materials or recycled plastics. These are made to serve specific functions such as flame resistance, absorbency, thermal insulation etc.

Multifunctional Rotary Cutter

Non-Woven Fabric Products
Non-Woven Fabric Products

Rotary cutters are a quintessential tool for professional tailors because of their need to constantly cutting fabric. The Multipurpose Rotary Cutter by Life-Changing Products is an effective option for both amateurs as well as professionals. The blades are of high-quality stainless steel.

Features – This Multipurpose Rotary Cutter is for a myriad of purposes like quilting, sewing or crafting. The width of the blade is 45mm as well as is under protection with a blade locking mechanism. The blade opens when you press or squeeze the handle.

It has a very comfortable handle usable by both left-handed and right-handed people. This tool provides help with producing easy, sharp, long and straight cuts. It is about 10 grams in weight and about 10 cm in length which makes it very handy as well as easy to use. The multipurpose rotary cutter can work with all kinds of fabrics including nonwoven fabrics.

No-Sew Jeans Button Extender and Replacement (Set of 8)

No-Sew Jeans Button Extender, as well as Replacement by life-changing products, is a quick and permanent fix to all the worries around the fitting of jeans. This product adds or reduces from the waist of the garment such as jeans, pants, skirts according to one’s need. 

Features – The No-Sew Jeans Button Extender can be in use wherever need be and it will do the job of making the cloth fit nicely. It is of a premium rust-proof metal that allows for longer use as well as durability after repeated washing.

The buttons are unbreakable, reusable and removable. To use, one has to just push it into a place where it locks perfectly and squeeze it to remove. The No-Sew Jeans Button Extender and Replacement comes in 4 different colors to suit any kind of style and any kind of fabric. This tool can work on all types of fabric, woven or nonwoven and give a stylish as well as elegant look.

Non-Woven Fabric ‘aka’ Felt

The fabrics such as ‘felt’ have a variety of use in everyday life and tools such as Multipurpose Rotary Cutter; No Sew Jeans Button Extender is a great way to use non-woven fabrics to their full potential.

These are useful as shoe covers in the medical field, lens tissue and also to make many products. Some of them are surgical caps, surgical masks, diapers, bandages, tapes, fabric softener sheets, tablecloths, tea, and coffee bags. In various filters as well as the tools offered by Life Changing products simply increase the productivity of such fabrics.

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