Sewing Kit And What It Contains -

Sewing Kit And What It Contains

Whenever one hears the term sewing kit, the image that pops in one’s brain first is that round cookie box full of threads and needles. This technique is not just followed by Indians but probably everywhere.

These sewing kits have helped us out in the most desperate times. Like when the pants were torn and the backup is at the laundry, all you need is the kit and bam and you’re good to go. For our grandma, the sewing kit is nothing but few needles of different sizes, a small pair of scissors with a sharp edge, few classic threads in black, white, dark blue and brown, etc.

Sewing Kit And What It Contains
Sewing Kit And What It Contains

But if you are planning to be a fashion designer or you are interested in opening a boutique or tailoring work grabs your mind the cookie box won’t suffice. You’ll need a professional kit. With the right tools and handwork, creativity will be running on your mind. If you prefer sewing by hand then the right tools will help to ease your work and if you prefer the sewing machine then also the right tool from the kit will enhance your work. There are countless important reasons for having a sewing kit.

Thread-In The Sewing Kit

Well, there is no sewing kit without thread because duh what will you sew? The thread comes in a plethora of colors for you to choose from, and it is not confined to the primary basic twelve shades. In today’s time, there are twenty shades of mere one color. But always carry the professional and basic color in your kit as they are life saviors. The more colors the lively your work will look.


It will be a superb addition to your professional kit. They are cute little munchkin in many shapes and colors for you to choose from. The most common pincushion is the red tomato one that has sand-like a rugged feel inside. Nowadays people use a magnetic pin to alternate the pincushion. It helps to coherent the needles and pins in one stack.

Measuring Tape In The Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit And What It Contains
Sewing Kit And What It Contains

Always carry a measuring tape in the kit. A measuring tape can be for kids and adults. They are important to carry especially if you have plans to sew clothes. This is must-have in the kit because they will give a measurement for one’s body accurately. You cannot guess much from the eyes you know.


Professional kit must-have threads, needles, pincushions and other stuff that will ease their work to sew clothes. If one wants a career in this area then maintaining a sewing kit is a must. Always carry the in an organized manner because a chaotic kit won’t bring much help to you so always be coherent when it comes to the kit.

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