Sewing Machines As An Absolute Necessity

The invention of clothing has been one of the greatest by mankind. The art of sewing dates back to the pre-historic period when people used leaves as accessories to cover their bodies. However, with the advancement of technology, the art of sewing has also become more convenient for tailors. Sewing machines are now being used as portable devices.

Types Of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines have a design for the purpose of simplifying the task of sewing. These machines are now available and have advanced features that add multi-functionality to a sewing device and also make it easy-to-use.

A few different varieties of Sewing machines are as follows –

Sewing Machines As An Absolute Necessity
Sewing Machines As An Absolute Necessity

Mechanical Sewing Machine –

Also, domestic ones, as well as the mechanical ones, suits beginners who have just begun their process of learning sewing. Such machines are available in both hand and foot to peddle versions.

It has built-in presser feet, adjustable tension, as well as straight/reverse, etc. These machines can conveniently sew cloth materials like cotton, linen, rayon, etc. However, they are not convenient for thick clothes like denim, leather, etc. These are the most affordable variety of these machines.

Electronic Sewing Machines –

The electronic ones are a specialized variety of machines that use a combination of mechanized as well as electronic ones.

They are lighter, free arm and motorized. With electronic ones come a variety of features like two-way stitching, embroidering, zip-fixing, as well as stretch stitching, etc.

Computerized Sewing Machine –

These are the most advanced variety of machines that come with pre-connected internet connectivity to stitch as well as embroider a large number of clothes. People use these machines for sewing clothes for industrial purposes.

Also, these machines have a special type of stitching called auto-pilot stitching that can automatize the stitching process without the help of a tailor or an operand. The cost of these computerized ones is high in comparison to other varieties. Almost all clothing giants, use these type of machines to prepare their clothing.

Embroidery Sewing Machines –

Sewing Machines As An Absolute Necessity

These are meant for designing different patterns of embroidery on the fabric. Moreover, these machines can do the task of heavy embroidery in smaller intervals of time. Operating an embroidery sewing machine requires trained labor. Also, these machines are high-priced.

Overlocker Or Serger –

Commonly known by the name of sergers, hence, as the name suggests overlocker machines serve the purpose of seaming or over-locking the fabric. People use these machines to join the edges of fabrics. Also, people make use of these machines in the fabric industry for interlocking inner ends of garments such as denim, cargos, t-shirts, trousers, etc.


People designed these with the purpose of simplifying the work of sewing clothes. There are different varieties of these machines available in the market based on the purpose they fulfill.

Also, beginners can try the mechanized ones, advanced learners can try electronic machines. People use computerized or overlooker ones in industrial clothing.

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