Different Types Of Sewing Needle

A sewing needle is a needle that is used for hand sewing clothes or fabrics or any other clothing material or buttons etc. It has a sharp tip on one side and the other side has a hole for insertion of thread. Now the pointed tip and hole may vary in size depending on the sewing needle.

The hole at one end of the needle looks like an eye. Earlier, needles used weren’t made of the stainless steel that is available now. Instead, they were made from bones and wood for that matter. Today, we use carbon steel wire and there are also some who use an 18K gold plated needle which is resistant to corrosion.

Different Types Of Sewing Needles
Different Types Of Sewing Needles

The needles used for making embroidery are often plated with platinum or titanium alloy. Usually, the needles are kept in one place safely, these are not something that should be left strewn about as they can hurt people. For keeping needles safely there are cases of needles with section divided for keeping the different sizes of needles.

These are called the needle cases and are now the object one likes to adorn. The sewing needles are often kept in an etui which is a small box that held the needles along with other tools like tweezers, tapes, etc.

Types Of Sewing Needle:

  • Sharp Pointed needles: These are the most common needle mostly used for hand sewing. They have round eyes.
  • Applique: This is an all-rounder needle especially used for crafty patchwork.
  • Embroidery: It has another name called the crewel needles. These have a long eye so that the thread could pass easily without many efforts. They are helpful for embroidery and thick yarn works.
  • Milliners: These are useful for pleating and basting, give they are longer but not sharper.
  • Self-threading: These are also called spiral eye needles. They have an open slot for easy guidance to threads.
  • Beading: These are one of the finest needles used for sewing. They have a narrow eye which is beneficial to get the center of beads and sequins.

Sewing Needle Size

Different Types Of Sewing Needles
Different Types Of Sewing Needles

The needle size can be identified by the packet numbering. The sizings of needles are similar to that of the wire gauges. The length and thickness of the needle can be determined by the size; and the increasing or decreasing size of the number. But the size of needles is not standardized they may differ accordingly. But one can seek differences like the size number 4 will be thicker than a size 9 needle and it will be longer too.


Sewing needles vary in sizes and can be put to use as per your need. Different sizes of sewing needle will be used for different purposes. For instance, a sharp needle is required for sewing buttons whereas a long and thick needle is required for sewing embroidery. So on and so for the requirement will change the size of the needle

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