Pleats History According To Old To New Culture

Pleats are used to produce volume in a very garment. The material is gathered or collapsed along, which creates a fuller silhouette.

Introduction To Pleats

Pleats are folded fabric which is secured to their place by stitches in clothing. These are made together large amounts of fabric

Sewing Patterns Used By Sewing Professionals

The key to understanding the sewing pattern is to check the section at a time. The model’s eras are covered, front, back, top flap.

Different Types Of Sewing Needle

A sewing needle is a needle that is used for hand sewing clothes or fabrics or any other cloth, for embriodery on a material or buttons etc.

Sewing Kit And What It Contains

Whenever one hears the term sewing kit the one image that pops in the brain first is that round cookie box that is full of threads and needles.

Sewing Machines As An Absolute Necessity

the art of sewing has also become more convenient for tailors. Sewing machines are now being used as a portable device.

All About A Silai Machine

After the invention of silai machine, the task of stitching clothes became easy, better, convenient and less time-consuming.

Sewing Thread: An Essential Part Of Sewing

The poor quality sewing thread has plenty of lint and can easily break and take pleasure from any sewing project. A better quality one makes sewing easy.

The Importance Of Sewing Pattern

Sewing pattern is an essential part wherein a pattern is in the template which is put on the garment’s fabric. Once traced out on a fabric it is cut out.

Sewing Tables And Its Use

Many types of sewing tables are available in the market. The variety of sewing table includes plain desks that you can move the table anywhere around.

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