Silai Machine: An Innovative Invention

The silai machine was introduced through historical and concise analysis aimed at demonstrating what it is and how it works.

Amazing Types Of Sewing Pins Which You Don’t Know Exists

Funny enough, very few know that there are countless brands of these sewing pins in the market right now. This article describes the same

The Art Of Sewing

A close up of a bottle

Sewing is the craft of attaching fabrics of clothes with the help of threads and needles, making a pattern called a stitch.

The Importance Of Sewing Supplies

While some sewing devices are essential, others are enjoyable, later on, you can buy optional sewing supplies at any store.

Sewing Supplies And Its Beauty

There’s no other secret to sewing high-quality clothes that will lure customers from all over, then adopting the best sewing supplies.

Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory

The tailor chalk contains a serious ingredient and a minor ingredient, whereby the foremost ingredient contains grease, alkali liquid and water,

Things You Can Find In A Sewing Kit

Also, those necessary items without them you cannot perform good . For better and neat sewing, you need a sewing kit, with essential elements

Tailor – A Long League Of Unsung Craftsmen

A tailor is a skilled craftsman who specializes in creating and repairing clothing articles. They use a specific set of machine and hand sewing techniquesv

Fascinating Facts About Pinking Shears

If you’re a tailor, then you’ve probably used this sewing tools several times. The pinking shears have serrated blades to cut a fabric zigzag.

Unreported Information About The Woven Fabric

Norovirus, sore throat, among others. Lucky for you there’s a solution to this perennial problem. The secret is the woven fabric.

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