Tailor’s Chalk & More Products

A tailor’s chalk is something we have all observed once in our life. And it is no ordinary blackboard chalk that is cylindrical in shape.

Tailor And The Products They Use

history of a tailor and sewing clothes dates back to old times. The profession of tailoring accounted for very trained and intricate craftsmanship

Products That Relate To Seam Ripper

sewing with machines are the most common work one comes across in daily lives. And one of the connected tools with sewing is seam ripper.

Non-Woven Fabric Products

Non-woven fabric is a pseudo fabric like material which isn’t woven or knitted but the fibers of the fabric are attached to each other

Cloth & Its Real Meaning

Cloth creates all the difference whether it is cotton, silk, chiffon, etc, the variety in material available now is unbelievable.

Woven Fabric & Its Uses

A sewing machine is used to sew clothes and woven fabric, and any kind of different material that are put together with the help of a thread.

Tape Measure & Products For The Same

under a simple household chore that women must have expertise in. And one of the important things of having a sewing machine is carrying tape measure.

Amazing Facts About Sewing Pins

Sewing pins are very useful as they help to keep the fabric together before one process to sew the fabric or cloth. These pins are a temporary solution

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