Tailor – A Long League Of Unsung Craftsmen

A tailor is a skilled craftsman who specializes in creating and repairing clothes. They use a specific set of machine and hand sewing techniques as well as cutting and pressing techniques to produce a garment.

The term means that, this is a person who is skillful in working with fabric. They create clothing articles, custom made for a person, which are unique and different from each other. Tailoring is named as Bespoke tailoring in the UK as well as Custom tailoring in the US.

History Of Tailor

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Tailors – A Long League Of Unsung Craftsmen

Historically, when tailoring did not exist, people wore robes and a long piece of unstitched clothing; which had the sole purpose of covering the body.

The clothes didn’t fit and hung loosely from the body. These clothes only concealed the body as well as did not provide any individual style to the bearer of the clothes. 

Slowly, tailoring provided protective padded linen cloths which were worn under chain mails. Armor to prevent chafing and friction with the armor. During this time people never purchased clothes and made everything in their own homes.

Evolution Of Tailor

After this period the clothes started to become shorter and tighter. Also, it started to gain some shape along the lines of the human form. This laid the foundation of individual styles and people with some knowledge about needles and threads. Some skills to work with them emerged with better clothing styles than others.

This generated the need for more skilled tailors who would be able to provide the masses with clothes designed as per the individual styles of the people. Clothes became more of a status symbol than a necessity. The more intricate the clothing was; the more the craftsmanship of the tailor it showed and the more wealthier was the bearer of the clothes.

This was the initiation of fashion as a concept and led to the creation of more individuals. They demanded custom made clothing and more and more individuals presenting with their skills to make such clothing.

Types Of Tailoring

Modern professional tailoring has three types – Local tailoring, distance tailoring, as well as traveling tailoring.

Local tailoring offers tailoring services in a local area. Local tailors provide their skills as well as services to local customers. The measurements of these customers are taken. Also, the customer provides the fabric to them so that they can prepare a personalized clothing article.

In distance tailoring, the customers send in their measurements to the tailoring company; the tailor chooses the fabric through photographs. The tailor and the customer are separated through distance. This is an example of online tailoring and tailors present at the moment. 

Traveling tailors provide their services which are somewhere in between the services that local tailors offer as well as distance tailors. These tailors travel and reach to their customers to take their measurements. They use their fabrics to create clothing articles custom made for their customers. Pop up shops at different locations can be effective examples of traveling tailors.


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Tailors – A Long League Of Unsung Craftsmen

Tailoring has created multiple avenues in the fields of clothing and fashion. It has provided opportunities to express oneself with clothing as well as it is the base of individual styling through clothing. From ill-fitted wardrobes to tailor-made fitted suits; tailoring has brought us to a completely different arena about the so many things that we can do with fabrics and clothing.

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