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Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory

The invention relates to trade chalk. The tailor chalk contains a major ingredient and a minor ingredient. Whereby the foremost ingredient contains grease, alkali liquid, and water. The minor ingredient contains a hardening agent, a pigment agent and a regulation agent; the hardening agent contains talc-powder, the pigmenting agent contains master bathwater.

Also, the regulation agent contains associate alcohol mixture; and also the tailor chalk is factory-made by combining the foremost ingredient and the minor ingredient; refining, acting salting-out, washing, acting alkali separation and forming.

Ingredients Of The Chalk

Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory
Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory

The tailor chalk contains deliquescent ingredients; oily dirt left on the hands of users or textile may float and dissolve in water by the ingredient; and also the oily dirt on the skin of the hands or on the surfaces of garments may be dissolved by the ingredient, and cleanup is expedited.

Additionally, once the chalk is employed, dirt can’t be left on the skin of the hands or the surface of the material; thus a handful is sweet, and also the textile is durable.

The chalk is simple to dissolve within the water while not polluting the close atmosphere, thus environmental protection increases By a producing method for the tailor chalk, the trade chalk is convenient to manufacture and simple to method.

Tools Using On Manufacture Of The Tailor Chalk

The present invention relates to a scribing tool, particularly, trade chalk applied against field crop and also the production method of trade chalk. Whether or not the garment manufactory or tailor individual, the cut material crosses tailor than the essential step of the method.

Most of the previous art is that the use of the mark on the material cutting limning chalks. The oily dirt on the skin of the hands or on the surfaces of garments dissolves. Since most of the trade chalk or lime is lime powder and also the laborious material processed into a composite.

In use, the powder is quickly liable to lime powder remaining on the surface of the user’s hand; lime mud made distributing the environment, resulting in health hazards to the user.

Use Of Tailor Chalk

Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory
Tailor Chalk – A Must Use Accessory

Tailor chalks look like soaps but they are not. Followed by a chemical powder or chalk powder created invisible, the chalk though simple to use, however the high cost. The technical object of the current invention is to unravel the previous art issues. To produce an environmentally friendly, low cost, feel good, sturdy and straightforward to wash trade chalk.


Technical Objective presents invention which provides a convenient producing and process of the straightforward production method chalk vesture plant.

To achieve the higher than technical object, the current invention provides a tailor chalk; that includes a main ingredient and excipients, the most ingredient includes oil, water, and ice; excipients with the activity agent, coloration agents and adjusting agents; the hardener includes talc; agent with the pigment master bathwater; aforesaid modifier includes a combination of alcohol.

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