Tailor’s Chalk & More Products

A tailor’s chalk is something we have all observed once in our life. And it is no ordinary blackboard chalk that is cylindrical in shape. The tailor’s chalk is usually triangular and is comparatively hard. It is said that the tailor’s chalk is made of talc or magnesium silicate. It was only a few years ago that powdered chalk was replaced.

Tailor's Chalk & More Products
Tailor’s Chalk & More Products

The tailors sometimes also use clay chalk and there are also some who prefer soap. These markings made by the chalk are brushed off after the process of alteration is over. There is a variety available now like waxy chalks or powdery stick.

Electric Hand-Held Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is easily available everywhere. It was a long time ago when the sewing machine was very heavy and importable. Now given the ever-growing demand for sewing machines in almost every household, the machines are portable and much more advanced.

Initially, everybody used to hand sew their clothes, then everybody started depending on the tailors or seamstress. Now it is that time of the millennium when people are back at stitching their clothes as per their convenience.

And to make their work easier here is an electric handheld sewing machine. It is small and portable for your convenience. It will fit into the palm of your hand and is manufactured to repair any item anywhere with the least amount of fuss.

And don’t be worried by the word electric because it has no relevance with the sockets the machine works on batteries. Although 4AA batteries are something to buy on your own they are easily available.

Multifunction Professional Sewing Machine

So, hand sewing is something that people used to years ago as a mere hobby. But now everyone being independent prefers to do their job on their own and here we present an electric handheld sewing machine for those independent people.

This is handheld so it will provide the feel of hand sewing just will be speedier and much more efficient. It is the perfect go-to machine for repairs and alterations. It is also known to do wonder with dressmaking, alterations, etc. we all know tailors are there for these sort of work but every own and then there is petty work that requires sewing but not the expertise of tailor and for those work, we have this compact and portable machine at your service.

One can now easily add trimmings and correct those hems with this multi-function handheld sewing machine. It is known to fit in your palm.


Sewing is an easy task to complete and all thanks to these super-efficient sewing machines. These machines now come so handily that they can literally fit in the small of your palm, what else we can ask when one says portable.

This is the definition of convenience or resource at disposal. No matter where you are what you do, you can always carry a sewing machine for your work. And it works on battery so, no worrying about looking for socket everywhere you go.

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