Various Dress Patterns One Can Sew

Dress patterns are determined by many factors. Also selecting the right one will make you happy and confident. Every woman wishes to wear dresses that match the occasion and reveal her feminine dominance with an attractive look. The size of the bust, waist, and hips of a woman play a vital role in her attractiveness. Preferably, four types of female bodies, namely, banana, apple, pear, and hourglass, each of these shapes require a different pattern to give you the perfect stance.

Woman Shape In Dress Patterns

Every shape requires different dress patterns, Dress patterns.

Banana Shape

 For example, a woman with a banana body shape has a smaller waist than the hips and bust, but have a considerable amount of fat around the tummy area, face, buttock, and chest.

Apple Shape Dress Patterns

Women with apple shape body similarly have a slim waist and have a masculine look.

Pear Shape 

Various Dress Patterns One Can Sew
Various Dress Patterns One Can Sew

Women with pear-shaped bodies tend to have wide hips, invisible waistline, mostly fat is deposited around the tummy, buttocks, hips, and thighs.


 The hourglass body shape gives a curvy look, and dress patterns can help to get this shape prominent. This shape is the most desired one, among other body shapes. With the help of this, a woman can achieve this fabulous sexy look.

The hourglass is the shape of fashion icons. Also, the size of the bust is proportional to the size of the hips.

Patterns Used In Dress Patterns

You can enhance your appearance; nevertheless, any body type with dress patterns can help you to get an attractive appearance. For example, if you have Apple’s body shape, you can choose something such as A-line and Empire. These patterns will help your figure to look slimmer from the waistline.

For hourglass body shapes, there are no such instructions as this body type is already attractive and beautiful. Hence making it more appealing, you can make little effort, and this is why patterns such as A-line, Princess gown, and Sheath are recommended.

Pear shape must reduce the feature below the waistline. Also, it needs a design that gives you a reduced waist. Dress patterns such as Empire, Princess Gown, and A-line are the best for you.

Various Dress Patterns One Can Sew
Various Dress Patterns One Can Sew

Women who have a smaller bust than hips, you need to create a balance by dressing right. The larger bust tends to be in a fashion. That is why every lady loves to have a large enough statue to look attractive and to achieve this look; you need to wear patterns such as Princess Gown, A-Line, and Empire. Female who has a larger bust and want to show it smaller should wear Halter, Princess Gown and A-line.

Banana shaped body or a full figure should go for something like Empire, Princess Gown and A-line

In conclusion, Some are suitable for all body-shapes. Like A-line and Empire, improve the features of almost every body type. But there are also dress models which suit specific kinds. So while selecting these type of dresses like halters, sheath target make sure read body type dress pattern instructions.

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